End Citizens United Looks Ahead to 2018

There is a growing disconnect in American politics between voters and whatever passes for ‘work’ up in Washington D.C. The election of Donald Trump to Presidency further cemented the fact that there is a deep and vast divide in this country. The divide, however, isn’t between the right and left. It is between those with money and those without it. To be more specific, the problem of big money has fundamentally perverted the American government and turned it against the people. This problem can be traced back earlier than President Trump’s inauguration. We can trace the problem of money in politics largely back to 2010 when a conservative group named Citizens United lobbied the Supreme Court for looser campaign financing rules.


In effect, Citizens United was arguing with the Supreme Court over the legality of being bribed by corporations, special interests, and corporate donors. Somehow Citizens United was successful and here we are today, seven years later and with a reality show figurehead in the White House. As a result, people feel more and more like they are being left behind by the government that was sworn in to work for them. This has given rise to a slew of political action committees, or PACs, that have promised to fight back and make the United States government FOR the people again. One of those PACs is End Citizens United.


You can learn just about everything about End Citizens United by looking at their name. The PAC was established by Tiffany Muller, the President and Executive Director at ECU, and their goal is to make their name a reality. Muller knows that campaign finance reform is one of the most important topics being discussed, or ignored, in Washington and it is her job to make those politicians finally look it right in the eye and acknowledge it.


The election of Donald Trump, while largely catastrophic for America’s standing in the global climate, has served to break previously apathetic people into action. End Citizens United has seen a huge surge in donations, contributors, and well-wishers since Trump has taken office. In fact, the first quarter of 2017 put End Citizens United right on path to meet their ambitious goal for 2018: to raise $35 million to fight for campaign finance reform during the 2018 Congressional Elections. The first quarter of 2017, or Trump’s first few months in office, saw nearly 100,000 people pour in donations to End Citizens United in order to make a difference.


End Citizens United can’t do it all on their own. They will end up needing legislators at the highest level of government to help them out. End Citizens United has already endorsed Senator Feingold and Senator Heinrich ahead of their re-election campaigns.