Alex Pall Acknowledges Andrew as What He Needed To Make It to the Sky

If he had not been patient and consistent, Alex Pall, and perhaps, his Chainsmokers band would not be in existence. He started off with a hot passion for music in New York. He played music for funs in various top clubs in New York. However, according to one of the singers that constitute the Chainsmokers music band, Alex Pall, he felt that there was still something missing in his activities. He was lucky because when he was introduced to Andrew Taggart who goes by the stage name Drew. He settled and focused on his talents. The Chainsmolers are trendsetters in many ways. They are among the first ever DJ crew to jump out of the metallic booths and show their face to their fans as talented artists who can stand on their own without the music from other artists and songwriters. The Chainsmikers are, now, authentic musicians who compose their own music and perform. Their songs have hit the top charts in the USA, and from the look of things, the fans haven’t seen the last of the band yet.

How Halsey and Drew Met

It would be a great disservice to both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to write about them without mentioning their music. Well, it is, indeed, their music that has brought them fame. The duo has managed to capture the imagination of their fans with a series of songs that have made it to the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. The group released their first single in 2014. The song titled “Selfie” was a great success. It became number 10 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. They went on to release an album in 2015 and had yet another series of successes with songs such as “Don’t Let Me Down” rising to number 5 on the popular American music charts. The 59th Grammy Awards honored “Don’t Let Me Down” with the Best Dance Music. “Closer” became number one on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. The duo was interviewed regarding their group, The Chain-smokers and how it was formed.

The Interview with Alex Pall

Alex Pall was asked how he met Andrew Taggart. He reports that it was by coincidence. One of the members at The Chainsmokers had left. Word went round and reached Andrew. He traveled down from Maine and joined him. He says the journey has been blissful since the time he met Andrew.

What is a Freedom Check and How Do I Get One?

Matt Badiali and his Freedom Checks has been stirring up confusion and conversations about its nature. In the Release Fact website, a recent article posted on May 4th by Amanda Peters is helping to clarify this debate and showing some light the illusive man behind these Freedom Checks.

In the Banyan Hill Publishing’s newsletter, Matt Badiali was presented to the public holding a very large check replicating a tax refund check in a large amount of $114,287. The context explaining what the check is was as confusing and left some thinking it must be a scam or a get-rich-quick-scheme while others must have taken out their credit cards and were ready to purchase. Read this article at Money Morning.

The man behind it all is Matt Badiali, a Geologist and a Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences/Geosciences from Penn State and a Master’s in Geology/Earth Science from Florida Atlantic University. Matt was hired for his expertise as a Geologist by a financial investor which led him traveling the world investigating and interviewing many company heads in the mining and energy industries. His job was to investigate these companies to authenticate and give supporting analysis if such companies physical sites allied with their financial statements.

While conducting these investigations, Matt identified a commonality of investors receiving large tax-free dividends paid by MLP (Master Limited Partnership). These dividends are what Matt coined as “Freedom Checks”, legally paid out to investors through an enactment in 1987 by Congress called Statute 26-F.

For companies to receive the benefit of Statute 26-F they must first be in the mining, energy, gas or oil industry in the United States and 90% of their revenues must come from what they produce, store and transport. Second, they must payout these dividends annually for them to receive the benefit of not paying federal taxes.

Matt was pitching was an investment program through Banyan Hill Publishing and subscriptions to his newsletter, The Real Wealth Strategist, where he shares his extensive investigations of these companies. For companies to pay these substantial amounts of checks, he has three criteria’s he looks for:

1) Must have a liquid asset of over $1 billion

2) Must have a history of consistent payout of dividends “Freedom Checks”

3) Must provide shareholders proof of company’s sustainability and viability

Many people may have bypassed this opportunity due to the exaggerated advertisement campaign, but as Peters mentioned, just because it seemed extra-exciting does not mean it is not a good opportunity. Check:


An Overview of the Breathtaking Dr. Saad Saad’s Medical Inventions

Saad Saad is a professional pediatric surgeon who has conducted dozens of pediatric surgical operations throughout his career. Being a physician, he has always been passionate and concerned about the well-being of his patients. He has also been interested in finding out new and improved procedures that induce less pain to the patients. Luckily, he has discovered two inventions as well as several pediatric surgical procedures. Dr. Saad has been performing both simple and complex surgeries within and outside his community. He has traveled and attended to patients in Holyland. He has also gone to four and eight medical missions in the United States and Jerusalem respectively. Moreover, Dr. Saad has performed complex surgeries on needy children in the West Bank region.


Dr. Saad Saad has medical patents for his two medical inventions. The two medical inventions are catheter having integral electromagnetic location identification device and methods as well as apparatus for suction in an inflexible endoscope while maintaining visual contact with the operated area. The catheter is similar to a metal detector and is used in scanning thus eliminating the need for X-rays and MRI scans. They are tubes often inserted into the body to assist in performing certain medical operations. They provide passage for surgical instruments and can also be used in draining gases and liquids. The device is portable and practical making it possible for physicians to use it in the ICU during emergencies.


The second invention on the other hand is ideal for improving the application of endoscopes during surgical operations. Endoscopes are basically optical devices used to look inside the body of patients while conducting medical examinations and surgeries. The invention is used for bronchoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and esophagoscopy. The new endoscopes as designed by Dr. Saad have the ability of sucking away liquids that obstruct the view of endoscopes. He has carried out many endoscopies throughout his career to remove foreign materials like marbles and needles from the body of patients. These interventions enable doctors to perform the operations safely and faster by eliminating complications common during surgical operations. The necessity and need to perform surgical operations easily and quickly prompted Dr. Saad Saad to invent the new instrument and procedures. The inventions can be attested to his medical experience as well.


Located in New Jersey’s Eatontown, Dr. Saad Saad is affiliated with many hospitals in the region such as Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center as well as Monmouth Medical Center. He has a vast education background. Dr. Saad attended Cairo University School of Medicine and graduated with a medical degree. He has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years and he is very experienced. He focuses more on two types of surgeries namely thoracic surgery and pediatric surgery. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global hits record sales numbers with Instantly Ageless

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were already known as some of the top entrepreneurs in the North American direct-marketing business when, in 2009, they decided to found health and beauty company Jeunesse Global. Ray and Lewis had spent a lifetime building some of the top companies in the industry. But the couple finally decided that they wanted to try retirement in 2009 as they approached their 70th birthdays.

For the innately industrious duo, retirement only lasted a couple of weeks. Ray and Lewis simply couldn’t adjust to the lack of stimulation and absence of purpose that retired life entailed. They founded Jeunesse Global out of their garage as a means to pass the time. Soon, they were spending up to 60 hours per week on their new company.

The growth that ensued was phenomenal. By the end of its first year, Jeunesse Global had done nearly $1 million in business. This exponential growth continued for the next five years. By the time that the company had been in operation for eight years, Jeunesse Global was valued at more than $1 billion, an almost impossible rise from a company that just eight years prior had its global headquarters next to the couple’s gas can in the garage.

The secret behind the company’s rapid and stunning success has been its ability to spot underserved market niches and deliver top products that are able to effectively address those needs. One example of the company’s ability to quickly develop highly useful and in-demand products is its Instantly Ageless micro-crème. Developed for busy professionals who may not have the time or the money to invest in salon care but who need the same level of quality, Instantly Ageless is able to hold its own against the best competing brands.

But it is in the area of anti-aging where the micro-crème really stands tall. Made with the company’s patented APT-200 molecule, Instantly Ageless is able to diminish current wrinkles, prevent the formation of new ones and give skin a healthy, youthful glow that only Jeunesse products can deliver. Instantly Ageless is available exclusively through authorized Jeunesse Global distributors.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The Brilliant Leader To Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has led a brilliant career as the President of Bradesco. During his tenure that started in 2009, Trabuco has implemented a number of positive changes that have improved the manner in which Bradesco works, and the range of services that they have been able to provide. The company has always been one of the more well-known names within the Brazilian banking industry, but after Trabuco took over, the standing of the company only went up further.

The first improvement to the work that Bradesco was doing started when Trabuco decided to implement a plan that would improve the number of banks that the company had. According to, getting into the number one position within the company has always been a goal that the company leaders wanted to work towards, and Trabuco thought that this would be one of the more ideal ways in which the company could reach that goal. Within a short span of time, the number of people that were opting for the services that Bradesco provided went up, and the services that they offered were also being used more frequently. With this, Bradesco was able to reach the position that it had always been hoping to achieve.

Because of the impact that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has had on the workings of Bradesco, it was a given that he would be the person chosen to take up the role of chairman at the company. The person who previously held this position had been working in it for over twenty-five years, making it a post wherein a person would have big shoes to fill. As soon as an announcement of this retirement was made, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was chosen to fill out this position.

Read more: Next Bradesco president to leave the bank’s board of directors, Says Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s journey within Bradesco started as clerk when he was still a teenager who was on a job hunt. He came across Bradesco and saw that they had an opening within the company, which is what he decided to take up. Even though Trabuco started out at one of the more basic positions within the company, he knew that there was a lot of scope for him to evolve with Bradesco and one day hopefully reach an excellent position within the company. Being a good employee of the company and having already worked at so many notable positions, climbing up the ranks within the company was easy. One of the first executive positions that he was asked to take up within the company was as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, which stood as the banking and investment division of the company. Being proficient in this segment of the financial field, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to perform brilliantly at this position, which is why he was considered to take on the role of President of the company.

The board of directors as an incredible amount of faith in the capabilities of Trabuco and the work that he is doing, which is why it was so easy giving him the position of chairman at the company.


So Much More Than Just Construction

Few companies really go above and beyond like Aloha Construction does. Many companies instead choose to coast along. Sure, they’l make needed changes when it comes to earning more money and keeping more of it snug and in their pockets. The trouble pops up when it comes to going beyond all that and truly transforming into a company that is a force for good.

Aloha Construction recently received the BBB Torch Award. This award is one of the greatest honors a construction company can be given. The award was created to showcase businesses that are better than good; great even. The award is given to companies that do things the way they should be; ethically and in a sustainable way, with more than just an interest in profits in mind. Aloha Construction fits the mold of an outstanding company, which is why they received one of only nine of these torch awards. The company prides itself on being so much more that a local roofing company. They have big visions, big goals, and lofty dreams, all of which they strive to achieve every day on the job.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives the award to companies who are more aware than average of their customers, employees, their service area, and nation as a whole. These companies truly strive to use ethical decision making in order to supply their employees and customers with what they need most. We need more companies like this, companies with a compassionate, human face behind them. This is what makes awards like this to showcase and recognize these role model companies so important.

Aloha Construction was awarded with the Torch Award for many reasons. Just a few are their impressive employee incentive program and the many contributions they made to charities over the past years, like sending a child with a congenital heart disease, along with a group of his friends, to a coveted sporting game.

Aloha Construction stands above other construction companies like a shining light to follow and emulate. This is a company to keep an eye on. What will they do next?