How To Throw A Party Without Feeling Overwhelmed

With so many professional party and corporate event planners in NYC, it’s easier than ever to throw a party without having to juggle every single responsibility all by yourself. Event planners in NYC know how to handle all the big decisions and their organization skills are on point so that you can just worry about hosting.


However, not everybody has the budget for professional planner. Thankfully, we were able to get some expert tips from professional event planning companies in NYC that will ensure that your upcoming party is a huge success.



  1. Choose a Creative Theme


By developing a theme, your guests will have an excuse to dress up and let loose. When deciding on a theme, be sure to pick one that can tie together all your party elements like your decor and your menu.



  1. Create a Signature Cocktail


Now that you have come up with a theme, you can use it to develop a signature cocktail. By enticing guests with a fun and unique cocktail, they will loosen up in no time. Don’t forget to come up with a clever name!



  1. Send Out Paper Invitations


However, paper invitations are more festive and they allow you to experiment with a variety of stationary. Paper invitations also add a luxurious and grown-up edge.



  1. Go with Appetizers


If you are expecting more than ten guests, you may want to set up a table of appetizers instead of providing a sit-down meal. By creating appetizers that guests can eat with their hands, your guests will be able to socialize while they munch. Come up with appetizers that are easy to prepare like dips and charcuterie.



  1. Turn to a Full-Service Planning Company


If you have the budget for it, find a event planning company that provides services. Twenty Three Layers in New York City specializes in offering services that complete any party. They can provide everything from a live band to unforgettable decor.


The Jericho Network Unveils its Newest Show, the Raven Effect

On March 1, 2017, Norman Pattiz together with wrestling superstar, Chris Jericho, announced a new show called The Raven Effect by Scott Levy, a former WWE Star. The latest addition will air under The Jericho Network, which is on PodcastOne.


The Raven Effect


According to Norman Pattiz and Chris Jericho, the new show will host discussions about an array of topics like conspiracies, current events, pet peeves, politics and pop culture among other things. Some of the episodes are scheduled to include enemies, friends, know-nothings and know-it-alls who bring interesting opinions to the conversation hosted by Raven, the self-proclaimed, world-class idiot.


Norman Pattiz praised Chris Jericho for exceptionally mastering the balance of wrestling content with other fields like sports and music. In fact, The Jericho Network currently has a new show for paranormal enthusiasts dubbed, Beyond the Darkness. For this reason, Pattiz expressed high hopes for the new addition, The Raven Effect.


Chris Jericho also expressed great excitement for the inclusion of The Raven Effect on the Jericho Network’s roster. Apart from knowing Raven for decades, Chris described him as an intelligent, sarcastic, funny, ridiculous and entertaining person. As such, Raven boasts of the best qualities to join The Jericho Network. Since launching on PodcastOne in July 2016, The Jericho Network has managed to create a roster of other successful shows such as Keeping it 100 with Konnan Team Tiger Awesome and Killing the Town with Storm & Cyrus.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz has made a name for himself in the broadcasting circles due to his significant contributions to the industry. In fact, he is not only the founder but also the executive chairperson of PodcastOne. As if that is not enough, Norman Pattiz is widely known for founding Westwood One, which under his leadership was considered America’s largest provider of talk and traffic programming, entertainment and news to the Broadcasting Industry. At the time, Westwood One managed and owned CNN Radio, CBS News, NBC radio among other networks.


Aside from Westwood One, Norman Pattiz is prominent for launching and founding Courtside Entertainment Group, which produces and distributes quality programming. Earlier on , he served the former presidents of the United States of America such as Bill Clinton and George Bush as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA. During this duration, Norman was responsible for the inception of America’s Arabic language television and radio services to all the 22 nations of the Middle East.

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How Securus Technologies Is Playing a Vital Role in Stopping Crimes

Securus Technologies has brought a vast array of benefits to the world of communications, some of which can play vital roles in uncovering c rimes. Securus Technologies has enabled inmates and their visitors to keep in touch despite their being conflicts in visitation scheduling. By utilizing the Securus Technologies platform, an individual can simply keep in touch with an inmate via means of video conference chatting through its program.


It is understandable that jail facilities are extremely busy. They are often so busy that it can be difficult to set up appointments in which people are unable to schedule a time of visitation that is most accommodating to their very own scheduling. Such a fact particular pertains to the visitors as opposed to the inmate as inmates are no necessarily capable of being busy with much. By utilizing the Securus Technologies platform, visitors can speak with and see the inmate through its program on a computer, thus, eliminating the need to actually visit the jail facility.


Securus Technologies allows law enforcement officials to monitor the video sessions in which they can uncover crimes that may currently be taking place and those of which have been discussed in the video chats that have consist of the inmate explaining what may have occurred. Please ask one of the customer service representatives what they can do to assist you in utilizing this wonderfully designed program that has brought benefits to both people and entire communities. It is a state-of-the-art platform that’s been utilized for some time now and has been proven as being a wonderful tool to allow people to keep in touch with one another when it may have been a bit difficult otherwise.


Gilded Age Mansions for Your Wedding Photos

Gilded age mansions were built in the United States between 1870 and 1900 by America’s wealthiest families. Many have been well cared for with beautiful gardens making them an outstanding place to consider getting your wedding photos taken.

Yonkers, New York

Built of locally quarried limestone, the Glenview Mansion is a beautiful place for wedding photos. Couples can choose from a variety of rooms within the home. The home has been lovingly restored by the Hudson River Museum that is housed in it.

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

The seven-story French chateau style Searles Castle was constructed as a romantic hideaway for Mark and Mary Sherwood Hopkins. The exterior of this mansion is a stunning blue dolomite stone while the interior features stone from around the world.

These stunning homes were constructed by people who had money. While you may be a broke couple just getting started, the good news is you can save money by working with George Street Photos and Video Chicago.


Firms Start to Mimic Tech Giants in Creating Employee-Attractive Environment

So as to increase the productivity of employees, some businesses are emulating work practices and services adopted by companies like Facebook and Google. Other industry sectors have started embracing employee policies, something that is spreading the notion established in Silicon Valley.

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Flavio Maluf, a Brazilian entrepreneur, states that the benefits of such changes will only be realized when firms that have less appeal can hire experts who are better performers. Such improvements will cost millions in providing ideal workplaces and benefits for employees.

Click the link to read about “Businessman Flavio Maluf informs that Revenue opens consultations of the 2016 batch

Maluf argues that such high-tech companies have designed environments that are aimed at creating attractive amenities and differentiated offices all in a bid to make the environment attractive and increase productivity. However, firms have to understand that a relaxed and favorable environment alone cannot build the employees’ confidence. They need to come up with precise and achievable goals.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian entrepreneur, mechanical engineer, and a graduate of Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He is the President of Eucatex. He is extremely skilled and fruitful in running the business, a trait that he has obtained from his vast experience in the world of business. His excellent education background has also contributed to his immense success in the business arena.

Maluf is highly resourceful to individuals who are willing to join the world of business due to his entrepreneurial tips. He provides business advice through his online blog, whereby he gives advice on how to succeed in employment position, how to excel in interviews, how to go up the corporate ladder, and how to start a business.

About Eucatex

Eucatex Group deals in production and marketing of insulation and liners made of eucalyptus wood fibers. The company currently serves furniture manufacturers and large scale industrial construction companies. Upon his appointment as the firm’s President, Maluf spearheaded the opening of the company’s branches throughout Brazil and diversifying its exports to over 35 countries globally.

Eucatex is popularly known for its production of products that are environmentally friendly. Consequently, this has made the firm to scoop several awards and certifications for its compliance with the standards of promoting environmental protection.

Get The Financial Freedom That You Deserve

In uncertain financial times thousands of people are still turning to successful financial strategist Jim Hunt. A recent PRN News article at did an in depth interview on his weekly analysis on the financial and stock market. He is also the inventor of the remarkable distance learning course VTA Publications. His course offers tuition assistance for the people that don’t have all of the money upfront to pay for his course on Crunchbase. Hunt believes that everyone may need a jump start and the best way to secure your financial future is by making sound decisions and surrounding yourself with positive people.

He is well known for his first venture that include a Wealth Wave course that offered the secrets to biblical wealth. His clients were given the secrets of getting a hundred fold of their money back by following his financial plan on Ideamensch. A lot of your naysayer’s will tell you that now is not the right time to say goodbye to your boss. However, if not now, then when.

You can visit the exclusive VTA Publications course and get help during your lessons with CD’s and tutorials. VTA Publications offer 24/7 assistance that will give you immediate advice about the stock market. His weekly analysis at VTA Publications gives precise accuracy of what stocks to invest in and what stocks to leave alone. He also teaches his clients how to become a tax free millionaire with under ten trades and he has done the same thing for his mum in a recent YouTube tutorial about his Wealth Wave course. VTA Publications’ course offers over 5,600+ financial strategies that can be used by practically anyone that is interested in transforming their finances with a little as two phone calls or the specific advice Hunt gives in his course. You’re encouraged to visit the official VTA Publications website to take part in their promotional offers and tuition assistance.

Importance of taking healthy bottled drinking water

Provision of healthy drinking water is one way of ensuring healthy body development which in turn impacts positively on the economy. Waiakea water is one of the leading water processing factory in Hawaii, in United States of America. Waiakea Water has been in existence since 2002 and has steadily grown her brand for the past three years.

According to the founder Ryan Emmons, the company has realized over five thousand percent growth in the past three years. This has been attributed due to proper planning and dedication of the team towards satisfying customer demand.

As such, they are targeting to supply there brand in over 2000 store across the entire United States of America. This is geared towards increasing the market reach which has been expanding rapidly.

To also maintain its brand loyalty, the company also subsidizes on the water distributions where they have donated over 500million liters of water to the hard hit areas in Africa.

As such, the company is partnering with other organizations in a mid to expand on the market reach and corporate social responsibility duties. According to Ryan Emmons, the success of the company comes from naturally alkaline, mineral-rich and electrolyte water that has health benefits to humans.

The company has seen steady growth over the years to reach a net worth of over $10 million. Due to its professionalism in delivering quality clean water to the public, it was certified by Carbon Neutral as having fulfilled the required conditions.

According to Ladisco, the water comes from one of the world’s most active volcanic mountain and sips over 14000feet of volcanic soil forming Waiakea springs. The filtration through the volcanic rocks gives it the desired taste that has been the center of its marketing platform.

The company has brought hope to many bottled water lovers who had lost hope in this brand. The company continues expanding its market reach and has distributed its brands in over 30 states in USA.

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Why The Traveling Vineyard Is So Successful

The wine industry is often thought of as a sort of exclusive place for elitists. Many people cannot seem to understand the idea of working in the wine business. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case thanks to the Traveling Vineyard.

Now anyone can become a wine guide while working from their home. All anyone needs to do is sign up and enjoy the first training sessions. Working from home is changing the wine industry and the Traveling Vineyard is behind all of it.

Why Work For The Traveling Vineyard?

The advantages of working for the Traveling Vineyard are endless. One of the most obvious is the flexibility. You choose when you want to work and for as many hours as you want. If you feel like working only 10 hours a week for the Traveling Vineyard there are no worries, but if you want to work 40 hours a week and make a career out of wine that’s possible too. Adding to this is the overall sense of community that characterizes the Traveling Vineyard workforce.

The Success Of The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard succeeds by helping others succeed. Believe it or not, these wine guides working for them are in fact self employed business owners. Even better, they are dealing with a consumable product so customers always want more. The average wine guide makes about $80-$100 per check, but this is because most are only working on a part time basis. Those who decide to take this work more seriously will naturally receive more income than those who do not.

Why Wait To Work For The Traveling Vineyard?

In today’s world more people want to get into business for themselves than ever before. Anyone can join them no matter what your situation in life is like. People are just starting out on the job market are just as able to join as retirees or those with decades of work experience. There are stay at home moms and executives engaged in the wine guide business as well. Working for yourself is one of the greatest pleasures you can have in life.

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Sam Tabar Making a Mark in the Financial and Legal Sectors

Sam Tabar is Awearable Apparel’s new Chief Financial Officer. The new appointment follows his recent appointment to FullCycle Fund, where he is working as a financial strategist. The new appointments do not come as a surprise since Mr. Tabar is known for his hard work and previous achievements.

Sam boasts of law degrees from Oxford University and the Columbia School of Law. His vast knowledge of legal matters is partly attributed to his academic qualifications as well as his working experience. His training has resulted in a keen eye as well as a unique perspective in dealing with his work obligations.

Mr. Tabar has created a strong name for himself in both the financial and legal sectors. He has overcome numerous hurdles throughout his career to get to where he is. Sam is revered for his innovative solutions to deal with any issues that he comes across.

In his vast career, Sam has worked at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, where his work was so impressive that he was made an Associate. During his time at Skadden, the company grew tremendously in business development.

At some point in his career, Sam switched from law to business. He worked for the SPARX Group, where he was a managing director as well as the Co-Head of Business Development. Following his success at the firm, he was named Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Director and Head of Capital Strategy. Most of his time in this position was spent working for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Sam made a switch back to the legal profession, taking up a job at the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP law group. He specialized in hedge funds and compliance issues. In no time, he was named the Senior Associate. His service at this company has seen him rise through ranks and become very successful in his field.

In his career, he has worked with some of the largest hedge funds and investment funds globally.

The Company that is improving the Service that Your Dentist Gives You

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that partners with affiliated dentists and dental practices. The company provides a broad range of services so that the dentists can focus on serving their patients better. MB2 Dental does the non-clinical tasks for the offices that it has partnered with so that the practitioners do not have to do that. The office is run efficiently because both the business side and the medical side are run well. The clients get the best service in the end. MB2 Dental was founded by dentists who understand the hassle of running a practice. The company has more than 70 employees today. They are dedicated to serving their clients since it was founded in 2009.


Offices that are affiliated with MB2 Dental retain full control of the practice. MB2 comes on to help them run the business. MB2 Dental believes that dentists can do their best work without distraction by other tasks. They ensure that all the other tasks are handled for the dentist whenever they partner with an office. The dentist does not have to worry about anything because of the experts that MB2 provides. Services that the company provides include accounting, IT, human resource, recruiting, and marketing. All of these tasks are crucial to the running of business but trying to do them all will be at the expense of the company’s primary goal that involves treating patients. MB2 Dental ensures that there is balance and that all important tasks in the running of the enterprise are completed.


MB2 ensures that the affiliated offices are compliant with the law and that they meet all the regulatory benchmarks. Do you need to hire an employee fast? Do not worry. The recruiting team will interview candidates and help you find the right person for your team. They will also do procurement for you and save you the time that would have been spent searching for the products that you have.  MB2 Dental has a training team that is dedicated to training members of your staff and making sure that they develop in their positions at work.