InnovaCare gets new additions to their top leadership

One of the recent announcements that have been made by InnovaCare, one of the best providers of Medicare services is that they were making changes to their top leadership. The company has been providing these services in Puerto Rico and has been hailed for being the best in the country. The president of the organization gave a statement regarding the appointments and stated that it was all part of their plan to expand and extend their reach globally. Read more on HRMR Online.

Richard Shinto
Rick Shinto is the president and CEO of the group. He has been heading the company since 2012 and has done a lot to improve the delivery of their services to the people of the country. Before he was appointed to this position, he was working as the head of Aventa, Inc, which is also a Medicare company. He has many years of experience in the management of clinical healthcare programs on His educational background includes a medical degree from the State University of New York. Another interest of Richard’s is writing whereby he has authored several books on clinical medicine

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides has been appointed to the post of the chief administrative officer. She has been working for both Medicare and Medicaid programs for the government. She has been a champion of the programs that have the interest of the common man at heart. Before she was appointed here, she also worked as a CEO at Centerlight Limited. She also worked as the Chief officer of operations for the touchstone health group. She worked for the united health group also, and all these experiences are going to be really useful in the new post that she is taking up.

About InnovaCare
InnovaCare Health has been providing Medicare services in Puerto Rico for a while now. The founders of the company invested in managed healthcare services because they knew the community had not heard of the concept before. The current membership stands at 200,000 while the company has more than 7500 providers working for them. InnovaCare Health have been creating a set up that will help them enter the global market in the provision of these services and they feel that the inclusion of these experts will help achieve this goal.


Video Visitation

The ability for inmates to visit with family and friends through video is now a reality thanks to Securus Technologies. Known as Securus Video Visitation, this technology allows inmates to visually communicate and visit with family members, friends, attorneys and all other visitors by using their mobile phone. This gives inmates who may not have seen their children for extended periods, the opportunity to see, hear and interact through video communication. Having this ability to share and experience life’s moments can bring new meaning to holidays and other special occasions like never before. With easy to use interface software, scheduling visits can be done from any mobile device or PC connected to the internet. The scheduling process involves the user to submit their information and photo identification electronically, which is than evaluated for system access. This platform also allows prison staff the ability to gauge and determine, which visitors to allow or restrict based on background information. In addition, integrated into the scheduling software is a time management format that ensures visits are only scheduled during available times.

One primary advantage of remote visitation is having the ability to live monitor and record visits. Obtaining this information gives officials greater insight on behavior and other issues that may arise. Another benefit of video visitation is preventing or minimizing contraband from coming into a facility. Also besides providing a safe and secure method of visitation, family members avoid from being searched and waiting in uncomfortable lobby situations.

Eric Pulier, an Entrepreneur, Author, and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, technologist, author, public speaker, philanthropist, and co-founder of more than fifteen companies. Over the years, Pulier has acquired millions of dollars from his ventures. They include Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council which was dissolved to form TM Forum. Eric has also contributed to capital funds and charitable organizations such as Trident Capital, eCompanies, Monitor Ventures.

Mr. Pulier has invested in many startups in media and technology. Eric Pulier lives with his four children. Mr. Pulier serves on the Board of The Painted Turtle and XPRIZE Foundation. Mr. Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984. Later on, Pulier joined Harvard University to pursue a degree in Business Administration. After graduating from the Harvard University, Mr. Pulier joined Magna Cum in 1988 to pursue courses in English and American Literature Computer Science and Visual and Environmental Studies. As an author, Mr. Pulier wrote PulierLeg for the Harvard Crimson Weekly.

Mr. Pulier was appointed to manage Bill Clinton’s and Al Gore’s initiative, “Bridge to the 21st Century”. The construction was designed to commemorate Bill Clinton’s and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration. During this time, Mr. Pulier appeared in most of the media stations in America to describe the significance of the Bridge to the 21st Century. Mr. Pulier separated the displays into different sections, designed to express the impacts of exponential technologies predicting life in the future. The sections included health care, education, community, family, government, space exploration, and the environment. He then importuned and raised all funds through organizations and personal donations. Mr. Pulier also ensured that equipment and technology were shipped and controlled for the event.

Eric Pulier led all the unions and building aspects during the event. Besides, he managed networking, power, press, security, and staffing. Furthermore, Pulier arranged a life feed from the Space Shuttle, where he offered ample time for interactions with shuttle astronauts. As a result, the relationship between Mr. Pulier and Al Gore strengthened. Therefore, the duo continued to work together on health care and technologies. As an active philanthropist, Pulier contributes significantly to technology-related activities to resolve obstinate issues facing the disadvantaged communities and physically impaired children in the U.S. and around the universe.

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Brian Torchin Creates Opportunities in the Medical Field

Brian Torchin is a chiropractor first and a businessman second. He began his career as a chiropractor and this led to him recognizing that there was a major need in the medical industry for people to get what they wanted out of the different things that they had.

According to an article on Topix, when he worked as a chiropractor, Brian Torchin noticed that it was sometimes hard for medical buildings and offices to find the staff that they needed to make sure that they were doing the right thing for their business.

This meant that he was working hard to make sure that he found people and, sometimes, he couldn’t even find people when he searched far and wide for different opportunities that were available. He made sure that he was doing the right thing for the business that he was in but that sometimes didn’t have results.

Some people who are medical professionals may not be able to find the jobs that they want. This means that they are not able to get what they want out of the careers that they have made for themselves and it can be difficult for them to be able to do different things when it comes to the careers that they have.

The medical professionals need to have a uniform avenue by which they can connect with other people who are a part of the medical field. The staffing agency that Brian Torchin created allows people to be able to connect with others who are a part of the industry.

There are many ways that Brian Torchin works to make things a possibility for the people who are in the field and for the way that things are going for them.

He wants to provide staffing opportunities to everyone who has a medical background. Torchin also wants to give all of the medical offices that he works with the staff that they need to do better with the business they have.

Understanding the Lucrative Brazilian Economy through the Eyes of Igor Cornelsen


Igor Cornelsen is a successful stock market investor and business consultant residing in Southern Florida. He multitasks living in America and working in his native Brazil. In 2011, the South-American joined Bainbridge Investments. He is responsible for managing the portfolios of their global clients.


Igor is a huge believer of the Brazilian economy, according to Wikidot. The nation currently ranks fifth in the list of the largest economies in the world. The chances and the opportunities to make a sure win in these markets is unlimited and inexhaustible. His excellent track-record in the past has won him thousands of admirers and fans the world over. These individuals hang on to every word the eminent investor utters or shares online.


Celebrated Investor Scores Again!


Cornelsen is always reminding potential investors do their research and homework first before putting their money in a new venture. Many individuals make the terrible mistake of heading to new frontiers like Brazil without even bothering to understand the ways of the locals. It is imperative to understand the way they do business if you want to succeed.


Double-Digit Bank Growth Rates in Brazil


In 2010, Igor retired after having held various top positions in several leading Brazilian banks. Some of the biggest movers in the industry are the private banks Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD). In 2014, alone, ITUB earned 36% more profits than the previous year. BBD on the other hand gained 28%. This unprecedented growth cannot be compared to that experienced in the U.S banks which barely reached 5% growth rates in the same financial year.


Understanding China


The environment created by the Brazilian government for the potential investors is ideal and conducive. Their bank’s regulations are on-point and reliable. Another reason Brazil is a favorable market is China. The economies of the two brick nation’s member countries are linked. Cornelsen encourages us to study the dynamics of this relationships to make meaningful gains, moving forward.


About Igor Cornelsen


Igor is a stock market guru who specializes in commodities and foreign exchange investments as well. He is currently in-charge of the Bainbridge Group.