Bob Reina Not Pushing Back

Bob Reina has a powerful mind set about pushing forward and not back. He speaks about what ever our dreams and visions are in life that we should take the necessary steps to get those dreams and visions accomplished. We need to let our fear take the backseat instead of the driver seat.Bob says, “Acting negative will never give you the strength to win.” He had his own dreams and visions when he was a police officer. He had a entrepreneurial itch that he wanted to scratch. He left his steady paycheck at the police force and pushed forward to his dream and vision. There was no more pushing those dreams and visions back for him. He became very disciplined and dedicated to accomplishing his dreams, and he did just that. Learn more:


So you might ask what does Bob do with this powerful mindset? He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Here he has given his dedication to help others build their futures and realize their dreams. He helps bring them into reality, and really enjoys giving back to the community. He loves animals and is always donating to the Humane Society. Bob believes in changing lives through actions. He says, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” This helps him to strive more to help others and has become a part of his business DNA. The more people that Bob helps his vision becomes more and more clear. Bob says, “Take the mind set of if I can think it I can do it.” Bob wants people to think positive and push forward to what ever that dream and vision is. Push them forward into existence and not backwards to never happen.




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