George Soros is Combating Hate Crime in America

George Soros knows what real hatred is and how far it can go to destroy a person’s life. He grew up in Hungary during the reign of Adolf Hitler. Many of us already know that Hitler was one of the most ruthless dictators and hateful leaders that have ever lived. Soros was a young lad living in Hungary when Hitler and his Nazis forces came to dominate his homeland. If it were not for the shrewd skills of his father; he and his family might not have made it out alive.

This background is what has impacted Soros’s life. He has lived for well over 80 years and he knows when a government or its ruler is not doing what they should. This is one reason why he is so against President Trump. Soros realizes that President Donald Trump has the potential to be a great dictator if the conditions were right for him to rule in this manner. Thankfully, the U.S. government does not make things easy for dictators to rule this nation. Learn more about his profile at

Even though this is the case, bad governing officials can still inspire and promote people to engage in hate crimes that will help to further divide the nation. This is a trend that Soros has been seeing since Donald Trump was on the campaign trail back in 2015.

Since 2015, many hate crimes started to come to the surface and garner public attention. There has been a mass shooting in a gay club, plenty of African American shootings by police officers and plenty of racial hatred being vented toward the immigrant community.

Soros provided a $10 million-dollar donation to combat these hate crimes. This was a huge sum of money and it is considered one of the biggest donations of its kind for this type of cause. While President Trump was not directly responsible for the hate crimes that have been happening since 2015, he certainly has been indirectly inspiring people to take this type of action.

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Much of Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric was very dangerous. He inspired a lot of bigotry and prejudice within the United States. A few people who believe that minority groups, women and bigots are a problem to this nation; have gone out of their way to target people whom they think is causing the problems in this country.

Many of these people liked Trump’s rhetoric and voted for him back in 2016. He ended up becoming the 45th president because a lot more people believed in and agreed with in what he had to say. George Soros realizes that hate is not going away. However, there are things that people can do to keep hate crimes from becoming the norm within the U.S.

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Omar Boraie Achievements

Omar Boraie is a warm-hearted 75-year-old president of Boraie Development LLC. When he started the company in 1972, News Brunswick totally looked different from the way it looks currently. Boraie Development has helped with much of the urban development that has breathed new life into the community by building the eight-floor office on Albany Street, to top residential units and much more. That building was his first significant project in New Brunswick. According to NJBiz, there were over 21 dilapidated and vacant buildings on that block. Hence, he started buying one after the other, and once he was through, he went to the city and laid down his plan.

At first, people thought that Boraie was crazy, but in reality, he was ahead of his time. Albany Street Plaza Tower One immediately provided the city with the much-needed class, since it had an office space of 250000 square feet in the 1980s and 1990s. The second tower named Tower Two, and located next to Tower one, was completed in 2003 adding perfect office space to the city.

To continue the growth of the city, he realized the need to build top-flight residential units; hence he envisioned the New York City style of One Spring Street Condominium buildings. He built a twenty-five story building, the tallest building in New Brunswick, containing 121 residential units, a 400 space parking garage, 40000 square feet of office space, 10000 square feet of retail along with outdoor space to walk your dog and to barbecue. Completed in 2007, it sold out in two months, says an article on Bloomberg.

As a real estate development firm, Boraie Development LLC as worked with many different areas of New Jersey, including the various small towns around the state and even in the Atlantic City. They first branched out here since there was a huge amount of land to develop and a huge demand for different developments. They enhanced the establishment of restaurants and retail places in the area, while also providing enough room for casinos in case the casinos decided to branch out in future. See more:

In Atlanta, they have a building named The Beach at South Inlet with 250 residential units near the Atlantic Ocean and the Broadwalk. In Newark, they have a pending building, The Rector, which is 26 story building with residential units. The estates at Waverly Place are a project in progress in Montgomery, New Jersey which is about half an hour drive from New Brunswick. That project will result in seven custom homes.

Omar Boraie is also on the Board of Trustee of State Theatre New Jersey in New Brunswick. Opened on December 26, 1921, it is the second states biggest non-profit organization. The theater hosted film screenings and vaudeville performances in the early years but underwent a one-year renovation in 2003, to give it to its original state. Currently, it is the scene for Broadway shows, dance and music performances, and family events, which are attended by students and teachers.

Boraie is also on the Advisory Board of Elijah’s Promise a new Brunswick Organization that feeds the hungry. Apart from serving meals, they also aim to eradicate hunger by providing fresh food. They also provide training in the baking and culinary arts, to enable people to find jobs in restaurants and bakeries.

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