Meditation Plays a Key Role in Bridget Scarr’s Entrepreneurial Success

Bridget Scarr is a phenomenal family lady with a thriving career in creative writing, content production, direction and development of TV advertisements, animations and other digital virtual contents. She is a creative director based in London, U.K. She is deeply involved in executive productions at Colibri studios, a hub for virtual creative inventions. She has over 15 years of experience in TV advertisements and productions such as drama, entertainment, factual programming and animations. Bridget spear-heads creative production and developments of initiated projects.



Bridget Scarr finds her empowerment in every day’s meditation. It plays a crucial role in revitalizing her spirit and creativity. She skillfully runs her work day from morning routine to her daily short commute to work and actively involving in rigorous executive productions and development of ideas during morning office hours. She later engages in partnership development and networking for pooling in valuable team members and associates of a project. She values her family and networks. She spends time to bond, appreciate and show value to her husband and son.



The entrepreneur steers content and ideas to life. She engages in thorough research, creative development and teams up with result oriented talented partners. She is a brand campaigner for the skillful projects she undertakes in. Bridget uses her creative eye for initial inspiration of projects. She is organized and plans adequate time and effort for project completion. In a recent historical project, she has brought to life factual historic content with relatable life backgrounds and culture using the recent virtual augmented reality technology. It has served to stir powerful positive emotions and educational experiences in people. She is greatly pleased with the positive life affirmative ways the virtual reality technology impacts. It helps young people when they take active involvement in the projects.



Bridget Scarr has bounced back again and again from challenges in her career path. She has found courage in her creative spirit and family support. Creativity has served as a pillar during strategy execution, business marketing and enterprising. Bridget is an ambassador of self reflection and finding inner peace through mediation, taking nature walks and relaxation.



She has a fondness in music writing and is currently working on her first album alongside a fantasy epic novel. Bridget is a skilled creative executive director who is well versed with significant productions in her company. She is a cornerstone of excellence and founder of thriving creative works.


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