Information about Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is an Indian graduate of Meerut University that is located in India. He had attended Meerut University where pursued a bachelors of Arts and graduated in 1971. in addition, he also went to Delhi School of Economics which was at the University of Delhi. After his time period in the university, he was awarded M.B.A. In his career, Anil has been able to hold many prestigious positions. He was the State Bank branch manager in India. He later became the Country Head of ANZ Grindlays Bank, a North America bank in New York City. He is working currently as the managing director for Hinduja Bank Switzerland in private banking.

He regarded now as an international banker of Indian descent. He is an experienced man with many years of profession in both private banking and corporate as well as investing in banking. He is particularly an expert in handling the cross-border transactions that take place between the European Union and India. He migrated to the United States after having been working for a long time in India. In United State, he worked for the State bank for a period of four years, an Indian bank in New York City. He managed the bank holding the development and planning department. While at the bank, his market was for the non-resident Indian people. He managed to bring capital that was more than $500 million US dollars in his new business and still holding his position that brought him a title of being the man of that year.

Having worked for few years at ANZ Grindlays Bank, a New York Branch as the international managing director and in 18 years, Anil was already a private banker in the United States and had many clients throughout Asia, India, and Europe. He became a member of Circles of Champions which was prestigious due to his wealthy clients. He later moved to Geneva, Switzerland where he manages Hinduja Bank.

In Hinduja Bank, Mr. Anil Chatuverdi has been helping in forming partnerships between the firms willing to form the cross-border strategic alliances. He has also involved himself in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and credit syndication.

The US Money Reserve Distributes Precious Coins by the Perth Mint to Honor the Queen’s Coronation Anniversary

The US Money Reserve has partnered with Australia’s Perth Mint to honor one of the world’s memorable days: the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In this 65th crowning ritual of the queen, the US Money Reserve is tasked with distributing a scarce set of three coins made by Perth Mint. Read more: US Money Reserve | Bizjournals and US Money Researve | Instagram

On 2nd June, 1953, the crowning ritual of the queen was lively televised to at least 300 million people globally. The ceremony introduced a restored feeling of expectation following a bleak post-war severity. This, perhaps, inspired the partnership between the US Money Reserve and Perth Mint, a partnership to recognize this groundbreaking moment of history. The three

  • A 2oz. gold proof coin;
  • A 0.25oz. gold proof coin;
  • And a 1oz. silver proof coin, both of which are made by 99.99% of pure gold or silver.

The US Money Reserve has also had honors of distributing coins in partnership with the Perth Mint of Australia. In 2016, the US Money Reserve paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during on her 90th birthday. The tribute involved a set of 90th Birthday Proof Coin. Connect with US Money Reserve on LinkedIn

In 2017, the reserve also paid tribute to the royal wedding with a 2oz platinum coin. The reserve also remains the global distributor of Perth Mint’s coin series known as the 75th Anniversary Pearl Habor.

Features of the Set of Coins

The coins feature the crown of King Charles II, which queen Elizabeth II wore sixty five years ago during her first coronation. A portrait of her majesty by Broadley is also featured on the coin.

It also include the year 2018 and the coin value. As of now, there are 203 set of coins by the US Money Reserve. For authenticity, the coins are numbered manually.

Certainly, you will be amazed by this precious metal distributed by the US Money Reserve. As a member of America’s Gold Authority, the reserve is proud to ensure you celebrate such ceremonies in style.

US Money Reserve

The reserve was established in 2001, and has grown its client base to hundreds of thousands. It deals with privately distributing precious metals issued by foreign and American governments to clients. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Consequently, it has become one of the US’ largest independent distributor of the precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum.

To provide quality service, the reserve has an experienced team and professionals who are well-skilled to meet their buyers’ needs. They are also client-centered, with a dedicated spirit of maintaining good relationships with buyers.