Dallas Doctors Offer Butt Lift Options

Brazilian butt lifts are the rage among women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their buttocks and are ready to do something about it. Butt lifts are safe surgical procedures that can significantly improve appearance, but finding the right Dallas-area cosmetic surgeon means understanding more about the different kinds of butt lifts.

Traditional butt lifts are similar to face lifts. Excess skin is removed from the buttocks and upper thighs and the remaining skin is pulled higher to achieve a tighter look. The Brazilian butt lift is a contouring procedure in which fat is removed by liposuction from the abdomen or hips, purified, then used to sculpt a more shapely back side. Select Dallas physician groups such the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute also offer solid silicone butt implants for clients without enough body fat for a Brazilian butt lift.

Candidates must qualify for surgery. The physician will need to review the client’s health history, discuss all risks and benefits, and what type of procedure the client wants. Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Kurkjian is one of many area doctors offering a 3D visual simulation of what surgical results will look like.

Choosing the right doctor for your butt lift procedure is important. Ask friends or other physicians for referrals. Female surgeons like Dallas doctor Farah Khan may make some clients more comfortable.

Butt lift surgery can cost between two and ten thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the procedure. Insurance will generally not cover the cost except in cases in which excess skin causes medical issues.

Whether looking for a traditional or popular Brazilian butt lift, Dallas residents have many diverse and highly qualified surgeons to provide just the right kind of care.

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