Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Steer Innovacare Health to Greater Heights

InnovaCare, a company based in North America, specializes in the provision of healthcare services. Through two main avenues of healthcare, Medicare Advantage, and Provider Networks, the company is committed to offering excellent healthcare services by creating sustainable models as well as cost-effective and advanced technologies. Its mission is to redefine the healthcare to ensure it meets the challenges in the complex healthcare environment.


The company’s leadership consists of professionals with proven track record when it comes to helping the organization meet and also surpass increasing industry’s demand. The management works day and night to ensure that the company produces services that meet the industry standards.

The Company’s Efforts to Enhance Healthcare within and around Puerto Rico

The leaders of this company work actively to make sure that the community has access to high-quality as well as affordable healthcare. They also recognize the victims of violent protests as well as natural disasters, which is a good job. The organization concentrates on government health policies and provider management and integration in order to come up with health models which are cost-effective, sustainable as well as fully integrated with advanced technologies.

Through MMM Healthcare, the organization operates the top health plans within and around Puerto Rico. When the Island was devastated by Hurricane Maria, in 2017, the company provided essential healthcare services to the victims. It was actually one of those who came up with the idea of raising money to help the affected. Recently, one of the company’s top leaders, Penelope Kokkinides, got a chance to meet President Trump and was allowed to talk about the importance of increasing money for Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico.

Richard Shinto, the president of InnovaCare Health, said that he was grateful for the company to be recognized as one best healthcare service providers in the industry. He also said that the company will continue improving health equity-mainly for the dual-eligible population in the country. At their organization, Shinto and the rest believe in equity because they know diverse perspectives and backgrounds make them stronger.

Top leaders at the company:

Richard Shinto

Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and the president of InnovaCare. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has served in top management positions in different companies. Besides being a leader, Shinto is also an author. He has written several articles about healthcare as well as clinical medicine. He has a B.S., Medical degree, and M.B.A, from California, New York, and Redlands universities respectively.


Penelope Kokkinides

Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the InnovaCare. She started working at the company since 2015. She held various top management positions in different companies before joining InnovaCare. She is highly experienced when it comes to developing clinical programs as well as managing healthcare processes. She has a B.S. in biological sciences, MSc in social work and MSc in public health and Postmaster’s program in alcohol & substance abuse from Binghamton University, New York University, and Columbia University respectively.