Contraband cell phone use in prisons is a nationwide issue being dealt with by Securus’ WS Technologies. As of last month, data by Securus Technologies suggested that nationwide occurrences are as serious as it is getting. From July of 2016 through July of 2017 , WCS detection systems prevented millions of illegal communication attempts by prison inmates; it is a safety concern for experts in the department of corrections.


Robert Johnson is an ex-police officer who works to resolve gun violence in prison. “Inmates having access to cell phones, being able to use them is a danger to the community. ” For seven years now, Johnson has been addressing device violence since he was strategically attacked by an inmate with a contraband weapon.


WCS resolves conflicts of interest with precautionary measures preventing contraband cell phones from being made to connect wirelessly.


WCS takes initiative by resolving network security concerns, like this “We are literally putting up a cell phone network,” a Securus spokesperson asking not to be identified, said “Once the phone attaches to the network and a number is dialed, we get to choose what to with that number”. They also work with facilities management to curb stolen cell phone use by reducing red-tape of government laws, and by passing a requirement for wireless carriers to work with device tampering prevention.


“While still disturbing, fortunately this latest news is just about a video,” said Captain Johnson. I pray to God every day when I open the newspaper that I’m not going to read another story like mine or Kendarius Edwards Jr’s, the nine-month-old whose violent murder was orchestrated by an incarcerated gang member with a contraband cell phone”.


Johnson works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant now, providing service to the community where he deems fit.


WCS Securus Technologies is committed to activities such as information management, incident management, public broadcasts, and emergency response. Technology serving civil and criminal case episodes may be found on.


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Securus Technologies Dominating the Payment Processing Business Too Now With Acquisition of GovNetPay

For many years, the correctional space has been dormant when it comes to technology, but thanks to the efforts made by companies like Securus Technologies, the correctional industry is thriving today like never before. New technologies are being designed and developed by Securus Technologies to ensure consistent progress in the penitentiary sphere. The company recently announced that it had invested around $600 million to acquire new technologies as well as for patent acquisition. It is necessary for the companies these days to advance their technologies if they want to lead in their respective niches, and Securus Technologies has been doing this consistently over the years.


One of the things that Securus Technologies has been focusing on is acquiring new companies in the correctional sphere. It would help the company to expand its operations and learn new technologies that would help in business expansion as well as increase its product portfolio. Securus Technologies recently acquired GovNetPay, which has been dominant, played in payment processing services for nearly two decades. Payment processing is one of the most critical correctional services, and GovNetPay has made rapid advances in the penitentiary technology, which is what Securus Technologies noticed.


Securus Technologies has been eyeing expansion in the payment processing business for the last many years, and acquiring GobPayNet is a part of this expansion strategy. The company would help the consumers get easy access to technology to make government payments swifter and reliable. Before Securus Technologies acquired GovPayNet, it also acquired Jpay Inc, which is another payment transfer service provider. It goes on to showcase the sincerity of Securus Technologies and its determination to lead the payment processing business in the United States. At the moment, Securus Technologies along with GovPayNet is processing more than 40 million transactions annually, which is a number that is going to go up soon.



How Securus Technologies Is Playing a Vital Role in Stopping Crimes

Securus Technologies has brought a vast array of benefits to the world of communications, some of which can play vital roles in uncovering c rimes. Securus Technologies has enabled inmates and their visitors to keep in touch despite their being conflicts in visitation scheduling. By utilizing the Securus Technologies platform, an individual can simply keep in touch with an inmate via means of video conference chatting through its program.


It is understandable that jail facilities are extremely busy. They are often so busy that it can be difficult to set up appointments in which people are unable to schedule a time of visitation that is most accommodating to their very own scheduling. Such a fact particular pertains to the visitors as opposed to the inmate as inmates are no necessarily capable of being busy with much. By utilizing the Securus Technologies platform, visitors can speak with and see the inmate through its program on a computer, thus, eliminating the need to actually visit the jail facility.


Securus Technologies allows law enforcement officials to monitor the video sessions in which they can uncover crimes that may currently be taking place and those of which have been discussed in the video chats that have consist of the inmate explaining what may have occurred. Please ask one of the customer service representatives what they can do to assist you in utilizing this wonderfully designed program that has brought benefits to both people and entire communities. It is a state-of-the-art platform that’s been utilized for some time now and has been proven as being a wonderful tool to allow people to keep in touch with one another when it may have been a bit difficult otherwise.


Video Visitation

The ability for inmates to visit with family and friends through video is now a reality thanks to Securus Technologies. Known as Securus Video Visitation, this technology allows inmates to visually communicate and visit with family members, friends, attorneys and all other visitors by using their mobile phone. This gives inmates who may not have seen their children for extended periods, the opportunity to see, hear and interact through video communication. Having this ability to share and experience life’s moments can bring new meaning to holidays and other special occasions like never before. With easy to use interface software, scheduling visits can be done from any mobile device or PC connected to the internet. The scheduling process involves the user to submit their information and photo identification electronically, which is than evaluated for system access. This platform also allows prison staff the ability to gauge and determine, which visitors to allow or restrict based on background information. In addition, integrated into the scheduling software is a time management format that ensures visits are only scheduled during available times.

One primary advantage of remote visitation is having the ability to live monitor and record visits. Obtaining this information gives officials greater insight on behavior and other issues that may arise. Another benefit of video visitation is preventing or minimizing contraband from coming into a facility. Also besides providing a safe and secure method of visitation, family members avoid from being searched and waiting in uncomfortable lobby situations.