How to Choose an Investment Advisor

In the modern times, many people consider investment banking as the best way to achieve financial freedom. There are many companies offering investment banking services, but not all of them provide the top notch services required by the investors. This means that when choosing an investment banking advisor, you must choose wisely so that you do not end up with the wrong professionals. Martin Lustgarten is one of the most notable individuals in the investment banking industry, and he will provide the investment advice you are looking for.

Choosing an investment or financial advisor is not an easy task. In the modern market, many professionals and firms are rendering these services. However, you should only choose an individual who has a clean track record. However, you can only achieve this when you do some background check on the professional or firm. Their past record should answer all your questions.

If you choose an established and reputable professional for the job, then you can be sure that your investment portfolio will be in perfect hands. If you are fortunate enough to hire a qualified and reliable professional like Martin Lustgarten, you will be able to get high-quality investment and financial services.

Many people in the industry consider him to be one of the brightest minds. The successful investment banker has clients in different parts of the world, and his firm is recommended by many people too. Lustgarten has earned the trust and credibility of the modern consumer because of the outstanding services he provides. Individuals who have used his services have become very successful in their investments.

He is also experienced in capital raising activities, and he uses this knowledge in achieving great results for his clients in different parts of the globe. Because he understands the ever-changing needs of the customers, it is very easy to deliver sustainable solutions. His firm has also been very successful over the years, helping many organizations, individuals, and governments across the globe.

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Understanding the Lucrative Brazilian Economy through the Eyes of Igor Cornelsen


Igor Cornelsen is a successful stock market investor and business consultant residing in Southern Florida. He multitasks living in America and working in his native Brazil. In 2011, the South-American joined Bainbridge Investments. He is responsible for managing the portfolios of their global clients.


Igor is a huge believer of the Brazilian economy, according to Wikidot. The nation currently ranks fifth in the list of the largest economies in the world. The chances and the opportunities to make a sure win in these markets is unlimited and inexhaustible. His excellent track-record in the past has won him thousands of admirers and fans the world over. These individuals hang on to every word the eminent investor utters or shares online.


Celebrated Investor Scores Again!


Cornelsen is always reminding potential investors do their research and homework first before putting their money in a new venture. Many individuals make the terrible mistake of heading to new frontiers like Brazil without even bothering to understand the ways of the locals. It is imperative to understand the way they do business if you want to succeed.


Double-Digit Bank Growth Rates in Brazil


In 2010, Igor retired after having held various top positions in several leading Brazilian banks. Some of the biggest movers in the industry are the private banks Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD). In 2014, alone, ITUB earned 36% more profits than the previous year. BBD on the other hand gained 28%. This unprecedented growth cannot be compared to that experienced in the U.S banks which barely reached 5% growth rates in the same financial year.


Understanding China


The environment created by the Brazilian government for the potential investors is ideal and conducive. Their bank’s regulations are on-point and reliable. Another reason Brazil is a favorable market is China. The economies of the two brick nation’s member countries are linked. Cornelsen encourages us to study the dynamics of this relationships to make meaningful gains, moving forward.


About Igor Cornelsen


Igor is a stock market guru who specializes in commodities and foreign exchange investments as well. He is currently in-charge of the Bainbridge Group.