Omar Boraie the New Brunswick real Estate Developer who has developed the Area to an Economic Hub

Omar Boraie is a successful entrepreneur in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was born in Egypt but later moved to New Jersey where has resided for a long time. His business focus is in the real estate sector, he owns the Boraie Development LLC a company based in New Brunswick. The company is extensively involved in developing modern structures and managing properties for other investors in the industry. Omar Boraie is the company president and his kids assist him in running the vast enterprise. He studied chemistry at the University but his interest shifted to real estate business, more info can be found on patch.

The New Brunswick area was once dilapidated and people were vacating, Omar Boraie saw an opportunity, and he began buying properties. Most people criticized his decision, but he is today reaping big from this business. Omar has changed the outlook of New Brunswick and the area today is full of life and modern companies are popping up every day. His clients mainly are people who want high-end housing, and this has been his cutting edge. The customers are ready to pay big amounts of money for quality housing. Omar is very visionary, and he has remained committed to developing the most luxurious houses to change the perception that people had about New Brunswick. To develop new properties, Omar only works with experts and this is how he has achieved his dreams.

His company Boraie development has developed most of the high-rise commercial buildings in New Brunswick and the most prestigious residential units. Since 1986 the firm has built its reputation by delivering different housing to clients. After a property is developed, it cannot be sold before inspection by the construction authorities to ascertain that it is safe. To ensure that the legacy of the firm out lives him Omar Boraie has brought his children to the company leadership board two of them are the company’s vice presidents. Omar Boraie’s company has developed one of the unique buildings in New Brunswick a 17 story residential apartment that has been christened “The Aspire.” The structure design has never been witnessed in New Brunswick, and for individuals who want luxury in every aspect, the building offers that exceedingly.

Omar Boraie is very generous, and he has supported various charitable initiatives among them the State Theatre that helps in growing film talents. Omar Boraie has also contributed a significant amount of money to Rutgers University which is the best medical school in New Jersey, the money will help in extensive medical researchers.

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