Bob Reina Not Pushing Back

Bob Reina has a powerful mind set about pushing forward and not back. He speaks about what ever our dreams and visions are in life that we should take the necessary steps to get those dreams and visions accomplished. We need to let our fear take the backseat instead of the driver seat.Bob says, “Acting negative will never give you the strength to win.” He had his own dreams and visions when he was a police officer. He had a entrepreneurial itch that he wanted to scratch. He left his steady paycheck at the police force and pushed forward to his dream and vision. There was no more pushing those dreams and visions back for him. He became very disciplined and dedicated to accomplishing his dreams, and he did just that. Learn more:


So you might ask what does Bob do with this powerful mindset? He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Here he has given his dedication to help others build their futures and realize their dreams. He helps bring them into reality, and really enjoys giving back to the community. He loves animals and is always donating to the Humane Society. Bob believes in changing lives through actions. He says, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” This helps him to strive more to help others and has become a part of his business DNA. The more people that Bob helps his vision becomes more and more clear. Bob says, “Take the mind set of if I can think it I can do it.” Bob wants people to think positive and push forward to what ever that dream and vision is. Push them forward into existence and not backwards to never happen.




Marc Sparks: The Serial Entrepreneur Superstar Like No Other

Marc Sparks’ career as an serial entrepreneur began after he graduated from high school in Austin, Texas in 1975 ( He began a plethora of startups in which some of them became extraordinary successes, and some became utter disasters. Nevertheless, throughout his journey along with his faith, he has become a refined superstar of entrepreneurialism.


His Publication Work


As a result, so far, he was gathered his kernels of wisdom into some publications after encountering 34 years of experience in entrepreneurialism. He helps others in many ways, and sharing his wisdom is one way to help and inspire others in their journeys. One of his publications is a book called, They Can’t Eat You“. He stated that this book was painful to write because he shares everything from devastating failures to ultimate wins. One example of a devastating loss is when he began an insurance holding firm at home in which he earned approximately a billion dollar market, just to lose it all within ninety days. On the other hand, one success story of his is when he began a software firm in which he earned a $200 million per year profit. And through it all, Sparks says he utilizes his faith, tenacity, passion, monetization savviness, focus, and an outrageous sense of urgency, the most important trait.


Charitable Works


Another way Sparks helps others is through his charitable works and philanthropy. He helps others in a homeless shelter, for instance, called The Samaritan Inn. The shelter is located in Texas, and he has been assisting them since the late 80s. He believes in assisting those who desire to help themselves. Approximately 160 people are staying each night, and the average stay in the shelter is five months.


He also works with Habitat for Humanity and the American Can! Academy. He physically assisted in the construction of more than a dozen homes. With the American Can! Academy, a magnet high schools’ network, he gave over 1000 new computers to children who are in at-risk conditions.


His Company


Sparks’ company is called Timber Creek Capital, LP, This is a private equity firm that oversees mounts of portfolio companies. In his company, he uses what is referred to as “Sparks Speed”, that outrageous sense of urgency. He also uses a business model, and short-term and long-term goals. In this company, he works hard to lead by example. He has an open door policy, and his team meet right now at real time. Learn more:


Richard Mishaan’s Solution For Design Success

Richard Mishaan is by far one of the most unique professional designers in the industry known for his skills and natural ability to create successful layouts of homes, apartments, hotels, retreats, and every kind of business establishment where interior design is required. Richard Mishaan was featured on Architectural Digest, and the article talked a bit about where he lived, his own home, and what kind of design he focuses on. He is known for being quite loved by many because of his ability to create successful growth within the business. His ability to mix and match colors and patterns to reveal a stunning room is what makes him one of the best.

In fact, he created two books that showcases his home and many other of his most successful projects around the globe. Artfully Modern was released back in 2014, and it showcases his home and a retreat in Colombia, alongside a ton of other homes and hotels that he designed.

His work throughout the industry is farther than just traditional decorating. He actually works very hard to provide unique solutions to give them architectural design and help from the ground up. Finding that solution to provide homeowners with a complete build up of design that stems much deeper than just what patterns to use or what pillows to throw on that sofa.

Richard Mishaan Design is ultimately one of the best people for the job because of his incredible training over the years. He believes that growing up in Colombia and through his own experiences that he definitely understands and sees things differently and that is what helps with him achieving so much more when he designs homes. He began his career receiving a BA from the New York University and also going to Colombia University School of Architecture. Known for his stylistic approach and expansive knowledge, he can surprise everybody he works with because of the way it flows and delivers a quality design. When he puts together his experience and knowledge for everything in design together added in with cultural roots, you can basically say he’s the best in his craft.

End Citizens United Starts 2017 on a High

End Citizens United is a political action group that is devoted to ensuring that big money does not influence politics. End Citizens United raised $4 million during the first three months of this year. The group aims to raise more than $30 million before the midterm elections in 2018. The group knows that it needs to raise a lot of money for it to compete against rich donors. They will have surpassed the money that they raised during the last election cycle by $10 million if they manage to reach their target of thirty-five million dollars. The 2016 election was the first election cycle that the group had taken part.


Tiffany Muller is the president and the executive director of the PAC. He said that a hundred thousand people contributed to the PAC in the first quarter of the year. Close to a half gave to the group for the very first time. The leaders of End Citizens United have said that its goal is to elect leaders who are focused on reforms to the Congress. The average contribution that the group has received in 2017 is $12. Muller said that many of the donors were people who felt that the system was rigged since those who gave the most had the biggest say.


Tiffany said the donors felt that the PAC offered a way for them to fight back collectively against the mega-donors. They recently urged its donors to support Democrat Jon Ossof. Ossof is a first-time political candidate. He is vying to fill the Republican House seat left vacant by Tom Price. The political committee has asked its contributors to give half a million dollars to the young candidate who is only thirty years old. Muller said that the PAC is still considering the races that it will participate in next year. They have shown a keen interest in Jon Tester of Montana and Sherrod Brown of Ohio.


End Citizens United got its name from a Supreme Court decision in 2010. It allows corporate donations to be made to political campaigns. It does not accept donations that exceed five thousand dollars from any individual. It operates as a traditional PAC. It is one of the top groups that is aligned with the Democratic Party. The PAC has also worked together with other groups to achieve its goals and to promote the party. They recently partnered with several groups to convince Republican senators who had received donations from Betsy DeVos to excuse themselves from voting for her to become the Education Secretary. End Citizens United is supported by people who were not pleased with President Trump’s victory and the people that he had chosen for office.