How To Throw A Party Without Feeling Overwhelmed

With so many professional party and corporate event planners in NYC, it’s easier than ever to throw a party without having to juggle every single responsibility all by yourself. Event planners in NYC know how to handle all the big decisions and their organization skills are on point so that you can just worry about hosting.


However, not everybody has the budget for professional planner. Thankfully, we were able to get some expert tips from professional event planning companies in NYC that will ensure that your upcoming party is a huge success.



  1. Choose a Creative Theme


By developing a theme, your guests will have an excuse to dress up and let loose. When deciding on a theme, be sure to pick one that can tie together all your party elements like your decor and your menu.



  1. Create a Signature Cocktail


Now that you have come up with a theme, you can use it to develop a signature cocktail. By enticing guests with a fun and unique cocktail, they will loosen up in no time. Don’t forget to come up with a clever name!



  1. Send Out Paper Invitations


However, paper invitations are more festive and they allow you to experiment with a variety of stationary. Paper invitations also add a luxurious and grown-up edge.



  1. Go with Appetizers


If you are expecting more than ten guests, you may want to set up a table of appetizers instead of providing a sit-down meal. By creating appetizers that guests can eat with their hands, your guests will be able to socialize while they munch. Come up with appetizers that are easy to prepare like dips and charcuterie.



  1. Turn to a Full-Service Planning Company


If you have the budget for it, find a event planning company that provides services. Twenty Three Layers in New York City specializes in offering services that complete any party. They can provide everything from a live band to unforgettable decor.


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  1. One of the best way to put your guests in a festive mood is to develop a theme that is creative and fun. There’s a time and a place for email invitations. This is the reason why has not fully certified these things into them and that is why it’s not working so well.

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