Madison Street Capital Advises Company on Millions

Madison Street Capital is a household name in Chicago, but what you may not know is that they are serving businesses all around the country. One major transaction, for WLR Automotive, is now on the radar at $13.2 million dollars for a sale/leaseback transaction. WLR Automotive, an auto detailer based in Maryland has been able to secure funds for their future growth with the help of Madison Street Capital. While MSC was instrumental in the attempt to find and raise the capital for this transaction, it was SFC Realty out of Texas that was the company to secure the deal. With a purchase of 5 new locations, the company is able to expand into new markets.


Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital was proud to announce the transaction on the behalf of his company. Having two managing partners involved, including the Senior Managing Director Barry Peterson, and a managing partner from STREAM Capital Partners, another firm to call Chicago home is instrumental in helping buyers find the right deal on a global level. Net lease partnerships are their area of expertise in corporate real estate only.


WLR Automotive wanted a sale/leaseback for 5 locations, but the needs for 5 locations seemed daunting in the initial phase. The goal of WLR was to grow quickly into the marketshare for express car washes, as the trend continued to sweep the United States out of convenience. The CFO for the company, Jacquie Jenkins credited MSC in assisting in finding viable options for their financing and raising the appropriate amount of capital.


Barry Peterson of MSC also gave credit to Randall Simpson, the CEO of WLR for his continued growth since the company’s inception in 1987. The express car wash industry appeared to be capital-intensive, and to this day that is still the case for the marketplace for express car washes. Stream Capital was instrumental in aiding MSC in the completion of the transaction, and it is the Madison Street Capital reputation with emerging markets that has raised the bar for international investment bankers around the world, as they work on a global level.


MSC is deeply committed to integrity when dealing with all transactions whether large or small. The focus on putting the client’s needs first has brought them tremendous success in the marketplace.


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