Jason Hope details the impact of the Internet of Things in the airline industry

Jason Hope is one of the people who believe that the Internet of Things was due to happen. He saw it from far away and has been advocating for people and businesses to embrace the new change. Now, it has come to a reality that we must all live with. The Internet of Things refers to a technology where all the devices we use are connected to the internet. This connection will affect all devices which have the capability to switch on or off. As long as a device can switch on and off, it will find a place in the new technological revolution that is sweeping over the world.

Jason Hope is optimistic about the changes that will be brought by the new revolution. For instance, one of the fields that he has picked out as the top winner in the application of this technology is the airline industry. The airline industry has already wakened up to this reality and has started adopting the use of this technology. Many companies are already allocating huge budgets to research which will lead to the application of the Internet of Things in this industry. Already a third of the airline companies have already adopted this technology. The remaining ones are expected to adopt in the next three years.

The internet of things is made possible by a Bluetooth beacon technology. The beacons are small sensors which are used to receive and relay information. These sensors can be so small that they can be placed in almost any devices. Take the example of a sticker that is how they are.

Jason Hope sees that the application of this technology on the airline industry will be of great benefit. Take for example every part of the aircraft connected to each other through the internet. This means that every time something is not in order, a signal will be sent by that particular part, analyzed by the system and the problem is detected. The biggest challenge in the airline industry currently is that an aircraft can leave the ground with a defect which has not been checked. Normally repair s and maintenance is done according to a timetable instead of the need for a repair to be done in real time.

According to Jason Hope with the IoT, repairs will be scheduled as soon as the aircraft has landed. It is timely, and this way, the safety of the industry will improve significantly.

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