Alex Pall Acknowledges Andrew as What He Needed To Make It to the Sky

If he had not been patient and consistent, Alex Pall, and perhaps, his Chainsmokers band would not be in existence. He started off with a hot passion for music in New York. He played music for funs in various top clubs in New York. However, according to one of the singers that constitute the Chainsmokers music band, Alex Pall, he felt that there was still something missing in his activities. He was lucky because when he was introduced to Andrew Taggart who goes by the stage name Drew. He settled and focused on his talents. The Chainsmolers are trendsetters in many ways. They are among the first ever DJ crew to jump out of the metallic booths and show their face to their fans as talented artists who can stand on their own without the music from other artists and songwriters. The Chainsmikers are, now, authentic musicians who compose their own music and perform. Their songs have hit the top charts in the USA, and from the look of things, the fans haven’t seen the last of the band yet.

How Halsey and Drew Met

It would be a great disservice to both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to write about them without mentioning their music. Well, it is, indeed, their music that has brought them fame. The duo has managed to capture the imagination of their fans with a series of songs that have made it to the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. The group released their first single in 2014. The song titled “Selfie” was a great success. It became number 10 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. They went on to release an album in 2015 and had yet another series of successes with songs such as “Don’t Let Me Down” rising to number 5 on the popular American music charts. The 59th Grammy Awards honored “Don’t Let Me Down” with the Best Dance Music. “Closer” became number one on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. The duo was interviewed regarding their group, The Chain-smokers and how it was formed.

The Interview with Alex Pall

Alex Pall was asked how he met Andrew Taggart. He reports that it was by coincidence. One of the members at The Chainsmokers had left. Word went round and reached Andrew. He traveled down from Maine and joined him. He says the journey has been blissful since the time he met Andrew.