The Multi-Layered Approach Of Rocketship Education

If you watch the news long enough you might start to lose faith in American society. School shootings, drug crime, a seeming lack of morals, ethics and political leadership all seem to be par for the course these days. But if you dig a little deeper into what is going on in the local levels of society you will start to find more positive happenings.

Take Rocketship Education for example. This is a local charter school based out of California whose curriculum is a breath of fresh air in the education system. This is more than just a learning environment, it is a learning experience. What is learned is very important, obviously, but how children learn is just as important. It gives them a baseline on which they will learn many other things outside of school without really trying.

To help clarify this, Rocketship has core values that they actually teach the children. Most schools will have their values listed on their websites, but Rocketship Education puts those values into action. Last year for example, one of their schools brought upon a project for their students that centered on gratitude. In this project, the students were to simply write down what they were grateful for in regards to a fellow student.

While it sounds like a very simple thing to do, which it is, the lesson it teaches is a social-emotional one. This is more than just teaching math, English and the other core lessons of a school. This teaches the character one needs to actually get along with others in a positive manner. Doing this also fosters a positive environment which is conducive to learning the core lessons much easier.

Rocketship Education takes a multi-layered approach to learning. They do much more than just teach to a test. They teach children the basic and advanced knowledge they will need in the real world, and the social skills to implement that knowledge successfully.

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