Contraband cell phone use in prisons is a nationwide issue being dealt with by Securus’ WS Technologies. As of last month, data by Securus Technologies suggested that nationwide occurrences are as serious as it is getting. From July of 2016 through July of 2017 , WCS detection systems prevented millions of illegal communication attempts by prison inmates; it is a safety concern for experts in the department of corrections.


Robert Johnson is an ex-police officer who works to resolve gun violence in prison. “Inmates having access to cell phones, being able to use them is a danger to the community. ” For seven years now, Johnson has been addressing device violence since he was strategically attacked by an inmate with a contraband weapon.


WCS resolves conflicts of interest with precautionary measures preventing contraband cell phones from being made to connect wirelessly.


WCS takes initiative by resolving network security concerns, like this “We are literally putting up a cell phone network,” a Securus spokesperson asking not to be identified, said “Once the phone attaches to the network and a number is dialed, we get to choose what to with that number”. They also work with facilities management to curb stolen cell phone use by reducing red-tape of government laws, and by passing a requirement for wireless carriers to work with device tampering prevention.


“While still disturbing, fortunately this latest news is just about a video,” said Captain Johnson. I pray to God every day when I open the newspaper that I’m not going to read another story like mine or Kendarius Edwards Jr’s, the nine-month-old whose violent murder was orchestrated by an incarcerated gang member with a contraband cell phone”.


Johnson works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant now, providing service to the community where he deems fit.


WCS Securus Technologies is committed to activities such as information management, incident management, public broadcasts, and emergency response. Technology serving civil and criminal case episodes may be found on.


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