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In uncertain financial times thousands of people are still turning to successful financial strategist Jim Hunt. A recent PRN News article at did an in depth interview on his weekly analysis on the financial and stock market. He is also the inventor of the remarkable distance learning course VTA Publications. His course offers tuition assistance for the people that don’t have all of the money upfront to pay for his course on Crunchbase. Hunt believes that everyone may need a jump start and the best way to secure your financial future is by making sound decisions and surrounding yourself with positive people.

He is well known for his first venture that include a Wealth Wave course that offered the secrets to biblical wealth. His clients were given the secrets of getting a hundred fold of their money back by following his financial plan on Ideamensch. Hunt admits that thousands of people have fell off because they are not making the right financial decisions. A lot of your naysayer’s will tell you that now is not the right time to say goodbye to your boss. However, if not now, then when. Build your financial future with an amazing outline that is designed to help you build your wealth.

You can visit the exclusive VTA Publications course and get help during your lessons with CD’s and tutorials. VTA Publications offer 24/7 assistance that will give you immediate advice about the stock market. His weekly analysis at VTA Publications gives precise accuracy of what stocks to invest in and what stocks to leave alone. He also teaches his clients how to become a tax free millionaire with under ten trades and he has done the same thing for his mum in a recent YouTube tutorial about his Wealth Wave course. VTA Publications’ course offers over 5,600+ financial strategies that can be used by practically anyone that is interested in transforming their finances with a little as two phone calls or the specific advice Hunt gives in his course. You’re encouraged to visit the official VTA Publications website to take part in their promotional offers and tuition assistance.

Importance of taking healthy bottled drinking water

Provision of healthy drinking water is one way of ensuring healthy body development which in turn impacts positively on the economy. Waiakea water is one of the leading water processing factory in Hawaii, in United States of America. Waiakea Water has been in existence since 2002 and has steadily grown her brand for the past three years.

According to the founder Ryan Emmons, the company has realized over five thousand percent growth in the past three years. This has been attributed due to proper planning and dedication of the team towards satisfying customer demand.

The company has invested in ensuring the water is healthy and sustainable in the capital market. As such, they are targeting to supply there brand in over 2000 store across the entire United States of America. This is geared towards increasing the market reach which has been expanding rapidly.

To also maintain its brand loyalty, the company also subsidizes on the water distributions where they have donated over 500million liters of water to the hard hit areas in Africa.

As such, the company is partnering with other organizations in a mid to expand on the market reach and corporate social responsibility duties. According to Ryan Emmons, the success of the company comes from naturally alkaline, mineral-rich and electrolyte water that has health benefits to humans.

The company has seen steady growth over the years to reach a net worth of over $10 million. Due to its professionalism in delivering quality clean water to the public, it was certified by Carbon Neutral as having fulfilled the required conditions.

According to Ladisco, the water comes from one of the world’s most active volcanic mountain and sips over 14000feet of volcanic soil forming Waiakea springs. The filtration through the volcanic rocks gives it the desired taste that has been the center of its marketing platform.

This coveted water commodity come from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii and is packaged in plastic bottles. The company has brought hope to many bottled water lovers who had lost hope in this brand. The company continues expanding its market reach and has distributed its brands in over 30 states in USA.

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Why The Traveling Vineyard Is So Successful

The wine industry is often thought of as a sort of exclusive place for elitists. Many people cannot seem to understand the idea of working in the wine business. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case thanks to the Traveling Vineyard.

Now anyone can become a wine guide while working from their home. All anyone needs to do is sign up and enjoy the first training sessions. Working from home is changing the wine industry and the Traveling Vineyard is behind all of it.

Why Work For The Traveling Vineyard?

The advantages of working for the Traveling Vineyard are endless. One of the most obvious is the flexibility. You choose when you want to work and for as many hours as you want. If you feel like working only 10 hours a week for the Traveling Vineyard there are no worries, but if you want to work 40 hours a week and make a career out of wine that’s possible too. Adding to this is the overall sense of community that characterizes the Traveling Vineyard workforce. The are Harvest meetings hosted routinely that allow wine guides to mingle and better understand the Traveling Vineyard.

The Success Of The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard succeeds by helping others succeed. Believe it or not, these wine guides working for them are in fact self employed business owners. Even better, they are dealing with a consumable product so customers always want more. The average wine guide makes about $80-$100 per check, but this is because most are only working on a part time basis. Those who decide to take this work more seriously will naturally receive more income than those who do not.

Why Wait To Work For The Traveling Vineyard?

In today’s world more people want to get into business for themselves than ever before. Anyone can join them no matter what your situation in life is like. People are just starting out on the job market are just as able to join as retirees or those with decades of work experience. There are stay at home moms and executives engaged in the wine guide business as well. Working for yourself is one of the greatest pleasures you can have in life. Now you too can enjoy this experience for yourself at any time you want to join.

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Sam Tabar Making a Mark in the Financial and Legal Sectors

Sam Tabar is Awearable Apparel’s new Chief Financial Officer. The new appointment follows his recent appointment to FullCycle Fund, where he is working as a financial strategist. The new appointments do not come as a surprise since Mr. Tabar is known for his hard work and previous achievements.

Sam boasts of law degrees from Oxford University and the Columbia School of Law. His vast knowledge of legal matters is partly attributed to his academic qualifications as well as his working experience. His training has resulted in a keen eye as well as a unique perspective in dealing with his work obligations.

Mr. Tabar has created a strong name for himself in both the financial and legal sectors. He has overcome numerous hurdles throughout his career to get to where he is. Sam is revered for his innovative solutions to deal with any issues that he comes across.

In his vast career, Sam has worked at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, where his work was so impressive that he was made an Associate. Tabar undertook the numerous responsibilities assigned to him and went ahead to work in business development and capital strategy as well. During his time at Skadden, the company grew tremendously in business development.

At some point in his career, Sam switched from law to business. He worked for the SPARX Group, where he was a managing director as well as the Co-Head of Business Development. Following his success at the firm, he was named Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Director and Head of Capital Strategy. Most of his time in this position was spent working for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Sam made a switch back to the legal profession, taking up a job at the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP law group. He specialized in hedge funds and compliance issues. In no time, he was named the Senior Associate. His service at this company has seen him rise through ranks and become very successful in his field.

Tabar uses his numerous skills to help the clients he represents. In his career, he has worked with some of the largest hedge funds and investment funds globally.

The Company that is improving the Service that Your Dentist Gives You

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that partners with affiliated dentists and dental practices. The company provides a broad range of services so that the dentists can focus on serving their patients better. MB2 Dental does the non-clinical tasks for the offices that it has partnered with so that the practitioners do not have to do that. The office is run efficiently because both the business side and the medical side are run well. The clients get the best service in the end. MB2 Dental was founded by dentists who understand the hassle of running a practice. The company has more than 70 employees today. They are dedicated to serving their clients since it was founded in 2009.


MB2 Dental has more than 60 locations in the nation that are present in six states today including Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Offices that are affiliated with MB2 Dental retain full control of the practice. MB2 comes on to help them run the business. MB2 Dental believes that dentists can do their best work without distraction by other tasks. They ensure that all the other tasks are handled for the dentist whenever they partner with an office. The dentist does not have to worry about anything because of the experts that MB2 provides. Services that the company provides include accounting, IT, human resource, recruiting, and marketing. All of these tasks are crucial to the running of business but trying to do them all will be at the expense of the company’s primary goal that involves treating patients. MB2 Dental ensures that there is balance and that all important tasks in the running of the enterprise are completed.


MB2 ensures that the affiliated offices are compliant with the law and that they meet all the regulatory benchmarks. Do you need to hire an employee fast? Do not worry. The recruiting team will interview candidates and help you find the right person for your team. They will also do procurement for you and save you the time that would have been spent searching for the products that you have. They will make sure that the products you get are of high quality because of their experience in the sector. MB2 Dental has a training team that is dedicated to training members of your staff and making sure that they develop in their positions at work.

Jason Hope On Personal Development And Technology For Entrepreneurs

Development of technological systems takes effort and time and coming up with the right applications offers satisfaction and the motivation to do more. Jason Hope is a professional whose career in entrepreneurship has allowed him to come up with advanced methods of solving problems. He majors in technology and the internet of things. He is among entrepreneurs who are working towards building tomorrow and developing new and advanced systems that will help to make the world a better place.

Jason Hope’s passion for technology and his creative mind allows him to build anything, from games to business automation systems. With motivation from professionals who have built a successful career from very little experience and meager resources, Jason Hope offers upcoming entrepreneurs the promise of success and advancement if they are willing to work on the principles he stands for. He motivates them to stand with their ideas and to find successful people who can mentor them so they can pick the right path while implementing their ideas.

Jason Hope is a highly educated and experienced entrepreneur who has been in the business scene for many years. He pursued a degree in finance at Arizona State University then later proceeded to Carey Business School for MBA.


Apart from being a successful business individual and a prolific investor, Jason Hope has also been taking part in philanthropic activities across different foundations. He supports several organizations that work with the needy and has been offering technical support to ensure these institutions support as many people as possible. His motivation to offer more to the society is as a result of the success he has achieved over the years and the need to inspire and promote more others into higher levels of earning and success.

Innovation and technology

The belief in technology and internet of things has inspired Jason Hope to go for better ideas that promise success and the fulfillment of his dreams. He offers upcoming entrepreneurs a chance to explore their ideas and enjoy a better environment for development of their businesses.

Jason Hope works with young entrepreneurs to allow them to understand the way the world of business operates. All the investors who take up the ideas that are brought forward by entrepreneurs are people who have built empires of businesses and whose understanding of the business world is a direct benefit to the startups. He helps them to grow big and establish strong systems.

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Waiakea’s Success: Great Growth in Three Years

Waiakea announced to the public the progress it has made since it was launched in 2012. The brand has grown 50 times what it was in 2012. This brand, which is based on health, charitable initiatives and sustainability, has in the last year alone increased its product to about 2000 stores in close to 30 states in the U.S. The growing international demand has led to the launching of a facility to manufacture the drink in Hawaii.

The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water founder, Ryan Emmons said that he was proud of the achievement of the brand in such a short time. He said that the product has enjoyed a steady rise in demand from its initial few thousand cases yearly to a new figure of 120,000 cases yearly. He said the fact that 500 million bottles were donated to suffering communities in Africamade Waiakea’s success resonate even better.

According to Forbes, people are encouraged to drink waiakea water through the partnership the brand has with Pump Aid. Through this partnership, Waiakea donates 650 liters of drinking water for each of the liter in sales.

Still, its charitable contribution is only one-third of the success the brand enjoys. Another reason for its success is that its naturally alkaline, electrolyte packed and mineral rich combination is sourced, sustainably, from a pure place and packed in rPET recycled containers.

The brand prides itself for taking a different approach, which according to Emmons is one of the contributing factors of its success. Waiakea spring water is CarbonNeutral® certified making it the first bottled water to achieve this milestone. Individuals feel good when they use this water since they are aware of the platform on which the brand is built: health, charity and sustainability.

PR Newswire reported that Waiakea water has an annual growth rate of 170 percent. This company is today valued at more than $10 million. The bottled water brand is distributed to various premier chains countrywide. It can be found in Whole Foods and also at Wawa.

Waiakeathe Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea water originates from snowmelt as well as rain on the Mauna Loa volcano at the heart of the Big Island. The water, filtered through hundreds of porous rock, is an electrolyte-rich drink with a delicious alkaline taste.

When Emmons ventured into the industry he was just 22 years and he says the industry was and is full of entrepreneurs who are over 50 years. No one gave them the time of day. However, today, he says people respect him.

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Brazil Has Record Trade Surplus In 2016

In 2016, Brazil made the front page of online and printed news sources for several reasons. The successful Summer Olympics was one reason. The consensus before the Olympics started was Brazil was going to botch the major sports event in one way or another, but as usual, Brazil pulled through. The Zika virus was another news story. Dilma Rousseff impeachment and new President Temer’s trips around the globe also made headlines. But the recession that has been lingering in the largest economy in Latin America was, and still is, the main news story. There are signs that Brazil is pulling out of its economic slump, according to Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex. Eucatex is one of Brazil’s leading export companies. Maluf recently talked about Brazil’s trade surplus. In 2016, the country posted the largest trade surplus on record.

The country posted a surplus of $4.4 billion in December, and that brought the total for 2016 to $47.7 billion, according to the figures released by the trade ministry. That surplus beats the 2006 total of $46.5 billion. According to Maluf, the gross domestic product output shrank by 3.5 percent in 2016, and that was less than the 3.5 percent posted in 2015. Brazil imported $137.6 billion worth of services and goods last year, and that is a 20 percent drop from the 2015 total of $171.4 billion. The good news is, exports didn’t decline as much as they did in 2015. The export total in 2016 was $185.2 billion versus $191.1 billion in 2015.

Flavio Maluf’s Eucatex has been a powerhouse in Brazil’s economy for more than 50 years. Eucatex produces building materials like floorboards, doors, paints, varnishes and other materials to North and South America and Europe. The Eucatex brands are carried by home improvement stores like Home Depot in the United States. So Eucatex plays an important role in Brazil’s economic image.

Eucatex started as a small offshoot from the Maluf family’s sawmill in the 1950s. Flavio Maluf has turned the company into an environmentally conscious organization that promotes the clean air initiative. All Eucatex factories and offices around the world use natural energy sources. There is also a company-wide recycle, reuse and reduce program in place.

JustFab Rebrands its Corporate Identity and Name

History of JustFab

With the introduction of TechStyle Fashion Group, JustFab, the world’s leader in fashion subscription has renewed its new corporate identity. TechStyle encapsulates its predecessor’s roots in technology while evolving from a single e-commerce site to an international brand-building platform on Crunchbase. TechStyle Fashion Group’s brands namely ShoeDazzle, FabKids, Fabletics, and JustFab have over 4 million VIP members.

By integrating the entire business cycle, JustFab intends to develop the fashion industry for the benefit of its customers.

Rebranding the corporate identity from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group represents the company’s commitment to continuous innovation. Since its inception, JustFab has stayed true to its vision of delivering on-trend fashion at an incredible value while transforming into a powerful brand-building platform on Pando. JustFab’s new identity captures the essence of its current status. At JustFab, Fashion Avenues meets Silicon Valley. Therefore, JustFab wishes to enter the next phase with TechStyle Fashion Group as its corporate identity.

JustFab’s new identity results in six years of drastic growth. Since its inception in 2010, TechStyle has quietly become the world’s leading online retailer with its unique brands at It is projected that TechStyle will surpass the targeted $650 million in revenue through merchandising and subscription in 2016.

Why is TechStyle located in El Segundo?

While Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were in a brainstorming session to explore a brand idea, they landed on JustFab. After successful two years in service, JustFab had to expand its territory. As a result, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg found El Segundo as the ideal location as it was close to a beach, near to an international airport, and with a spacious yard perfect for expansion. Today, TechStyle lies on a 128,000 square feet yard, which is a few minutes from the city of El Segundo.

About TechStyle Fashion Group

Established in 2010 and rebranded in 2016 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, TechStyle Fashion Group is a global brand-building platform that offers a personalized and engaging shopping experience. Today, TechStyle has over 4 million subscribers through a portfolio of shoe and apparel brands namely ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, JustFab, and FabKids. TechStyle reimagines the fashion industry through vertical integration, personalized shopping experience, and data. TechStyle’s brands are available in the United States, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, and Germany.

Why Financial Planning Matters

Financial planning is one of the most important aspects of your life. Whether you realize it or not, your financial decisions will eventually impact other areas of your life. There are a lot of people who are trying to pay off their debt and invest for the future. However, this is not as easy as it sounds.

You need to get quality advice if you want to change your finances for the better. A lot of people today are using the services of Brian Bonar to accomplish that goal.

He has done a great job over the years of helping people in this area. According to PR NewsWire, If you are ready to accomplish your goals, start by going to work with Brian Bonar on your finances. Many people have had success in this area recently by working with him.


When it comes to debt, there are a lot of ways that people get in trouble. Borrowing money is really easy compared to having to pay it off. One of the biggest drivers behind more debt in our culture is student loans.

If you want to take things to the next level in your life financially, you need to pay off a lot of your debt. Not only will this free up cash flow that you can invest with, but it will also give you a peace of mind that few people enjoy. Brian Bonar always likes to look at what debt his customers are carrying in order to help them in their financial situation.


When it comes to having financial success, a high income can really help you reach your goals. With all of the additional work opportunities that are available today, a lot of people can take things to the next level quickly. If you want to increase your income, start a freelance gig that allows you work when you want.

A lot of people find that the work is enjoyable because it is something different from what they do every day. If you want to take your income to new levels, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to do so.

Final Thoughts

Over the long term, a lot of people are trying to figure out how they can have more financial success. Working with a financial planner is one of the best things that you can do in your life. Brian Bonar has a lot of experience in this area, and he has great reviews from clients.